With this package, a analog 300 track turns into a digital wooden racetrack for eight drivers. The package includes:

» Base1 as control unit of the system
» CD with software »Race«
» Two-core cable for connecting power supply with Base1
» Two-core cable for connection of Base1 and track
» Coaxial cable for connecting the track with the time meassurement sesors with the Base1
» USB cable for connecting Base1 to a PC and MAC
» Two 25-pologe cable for connection of junction boxes with the Base1
» Two junction boxes for every four drivers numbered with four inputs
» External chaos button footswitch
» Ten chips for installation in the car
» Ten connector kits for easy installation and removal of the car chips
» Rack to attach the rail to the Base1
» Module 301h
» Switch module 301dz with four adjustable switches and timing sensors, power and timing connector on both sides