PRIVATE STRECKENPerfectly staged.
Klaus W. from Burgdorf made his Slotfire 300 is a stunning track. The in moddeling versed private person build every detail on his own.
CLUB-STRECKENThe 600 Schlitzpistenflitzer.
The Schlitzpistenflitzer Mittelhessen e.V. are the proud owners of a Slotfire 600. Just a few weeks after the construction we received the following feedback:
»Direct hit! The investment was the right thing. Meanwhile on the track a few thousand rounds have been unwound, there was a fun and an inaugural race. It is a very challenging course, mobile in both directions. It takes a few minutes each time again acclimatization to its highs from last time get hold. The track had grip from the start, the grip is still improving.«
RACING-CENTER-STRECKENKart and slot under one roof.
In the Dutch Swalmen near the German border is the entertainment center Euro Indoorkarting. Owner Rem Hannink enriched the plant by a further attraction: In an appropriately furnished basement he installed a Slotfire 600. Now, guests of the kart center can after a few laps in the kart continue to pursue their passion for racing in the »Slotclub«.
EVENT-STRECKENSlotfire 300: crowds in Kuwait.
For a British event organizer Slotfire designed a 300 track, among others came at a meeting of the electronics company LG to use: In a shopping mall in Kuwait, the wooden racetrack attracted several days at the curious. In 2010, the same track was on the verge of Formula 1 race as a supplementary program for various events.