HerstellungMany production steps are required before a finished Slotfire wooden racetrack leaving our house in the end. Each MDF board is before the start of production strictly controlled for possible defects. After that, we prepare with a CNC milling machine, as also comes in furniture used, the slots for the wire and the parts of the modules before.

All this is done, the finishing of the surface is with a 2-component polyurethane coatings we protected in special painting booths and apply under ideal conditions.

By hand then we mount the wire, all necessary cables, connectors, printed circuit boards, connectors and sockets. We pay attention to all elements of a perfect fit.
Unternehmen In 2003, revolutionized the slot car racing sports. With the 300 system Slotfire introduced the world's first modular wooden racetrack system. It was other systems in terms of variability, construction time, function and processing far superior - with completely in the track integrated electronic.

With the Slotfire raceing tables, the first fully variable wooden racetrack system and the Slottronic Slotfire presented repeatedly in the years to world premieres. The result: Today, the company is the market leader with event organizers and leisure centers. 2010 appeared the largest system, the 800th Slotfire.

Up to mid-2010, the company was headed by Rolf Schneidereit. The Slotfire tracks themselves emerged from the first day in carpentry Feinschnitt in Leverkusen. On 1st of July 2010 Feinschnitt then took over the company from the founder. The team led by the master carpenter Paul Bacher, Katrin Seibert and Klaus-Peter Teuschen it has since been in sole director.